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Rens klein

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is the best way to exercise! At least ... that's our humble opinion. :)

Bouldering is part of climbing sports. Unlike sport-climbing (climbing with a rope), bouldering routes are much shorter. This allows you to climb without a rope and a thick fall mat under the wall ensures that you can fall safely.

Also, bouldering is a lot of fun! The boulder routes are made in such a way that strength alone is not enough to climb the boulders. It is just as important to use good technique and it's this that makes bouldering so much fun. Together with other climbers, you try to find the right solution for the boulders, you encourage each other, and afterward, you have a drink at our bar.

At Walhalla, we have boulders in 9 different colors. Each color represents a certain level of difficulty. To keep it interesting and challenging, we replace a color every week. In this way, there is always something new to climb!