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Training & Courses

We currently offer 3 courses:

Start bouldering
This course is for anyone who has just started bouldering and is totally excited. If you want to learn more about bouldering after the introductory lesson, this is the course for you!

Attention is paid to basic techniques, and safety for you and the people around you. The unwritten do's and don'ts in our bouldering hall are also discussed and the basic concepts of bouldering are explained. What are those toothbrushes on a stick for, for example?

The course starts every first Thursday of the month at 19:00.
Price: € 90,-
Includes 1 month of unlimited access to the bouldering hall from the first day of the course.
Free shoe rental for the duration of the course. (Although we recommend buying your own pair)

We ask for a deposit of €5,- for the card needed for a subscription or punchcard.

Sign up by calling 0702051069 or send an email to


Bouldering technique course
This course is for people who are already familiar with bouldering but feel like they are getting stuck at a certain level.
During the course, we will discuss the techniques that you will need from 5b onwards. Usual topics are, deadpointing, coordination, and boosting your problem-solving skills. the course consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours. You can register at the counter or via the registration form. (for larger groups than 5 people we can schedule an extra course)

Advice level: 5b and above
Price: €70 (excl. entrance)

The course starts every first friday of the month.

Sign up by calling 0702051069 or send an email to


Boulder Advanced technique
Have you been bouldering for a while and looking for the next step? are you on your ceiling? you just want more! Then sign up for our advanced technique course and discover what is possible. During 3 lessons of 2 hours, you will work intensively on the finer perfection of your bouldering skills.

Advice level: 6b and above
Price: €75,- euro excluding entrance.

The following courses will start on:

On a date we haven't decided yet...

Sign up by calling 0702051069 or send an email to