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Boulder Introduction lesson

Always wanted to experience whether bouldering is something for you, or looking for a unique date? Then you've come to the right place!
At Walhalla, we organize introductory lessons where you can get acquainted with our sport. In half an hour we teach you the basics of bouldering. After this introduction, you can continue bouldering independently.
The introductory lesson is for everyone! It does not matter whether you are already regularly in a fitness gym, or just want to start exercising again. Bouldering is very accessible and that makes it just as much fun!
And what's even more fun .. the introductory lesson is completely free! You have to pay entrance though, and we recommend renting a pair of climbing shoes.

You don't boulder in tight skinny jeans or summer dresses. We recommend that you wear loose clothing. Renting climbing shoes is possible at Walhalla for € 4,-. Although climbing shoes are not mandatory, they will help tremendously and will give you a far better experience. But clean sports shoes are also allowed.

For groups larger than 3 it is recommended to book a private lesson.
You can participate in an introductory lesson from the age of 7.

We don't have fixed times for the introductory lessons. 

But interested in a bouldering? Please contact us 070-2051069 of email us and we will arrange a lesson for you.
It is also possible to come by, good chance that we can help you right away.